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We’re not bike industry insiders and none of us have any previous ventures in cycling-related media (if you could even consider ROLLIT to be part of that category). We just like bikes. And bike films.

We’re excited about the variety of films and videos being made around the topic of cycling today. It’s more than race films, or downhill films, or promotional videos. There are a growing list of independently-made adventure stories, small builder films, educational shorts on urban planning, city cycling infrastructure, and more.

It’s crowded out there, so let us chose some of the best and give you an un-cluttered, fast, and (most-importantly) comment-free place to view them. If we’re missing one of your favorites, and if we like it too, we’ll add it.

It’s no secret that in the cycling industry, a lot of the film and video content produced is done so at the behest of companies trying to sell you things. We’re cool with that, and we even think some of the stuff is really good—worthy of this site. When we think it’s blatantly a promotion, we even try to as such. But we want to be clear:

None of the content on this site is there because we were paid to put it there. Consider this our “warrant canary” on paid placements, if you will. We have no plans to ever take money in exchange for posting content—it makes us feel all kinds of ‘icky’ inside, but if this statement ever disappears from the site, well…

Credits & Backstory

The core idea for ROLLIT came out of conversations on and off the bike with friends. It certainly wouldn’t exist if Matt Gist hadn’t been inundating a bunch of us with links to various films for months. And it was probably Collin Schaafsma of Matter Cycles who coined the phrase ‘Roll It!’ during a ride—it seemed like it was begging to be the name for something nifty. Grant Blakeman, designed and built the site (with some additional development help from Jake McHargue) and runs it on the editorial side as well.